The Best Serviced Apartments in Singapore

Singapore is a bustling city in the ASEAN region with a steady influx of ex-pats and migrants worldwide. This now gave rise to more rental services and hotels in the city. 

Hotel owners are now busier than ever to accommodate visitors who plan for a long-term stay.

The country’s borders are now lifting its restriction. This allows multinational companies to invite their employees to move to the country. They can now have their family go with them as well. 

This is where affordable serviced apartments come in handy. So, if you are an expat looking to find a place to stay with your family, furnished rentals are the best places to start looking. You don’t need to start from zero, so your family can move in with ease.

If you are to be assigned to Singapore, continue reading below. You will find helpful information during your stay. 

Capella Club Residences

Do you want to stay away from the city? Do you have the budget to live in luxury? If you answer yes, you may choose a fully-furnished serviced apartment in Sentosa

Most of these places offer breathtaking views of the South China Sea. One of the most popular and luxurious ones is Capella Club Residences. 

They offer various luxury amenities for all their residents, such as:

  • Complimentary yoga sessions
  • pool games
  • table tennis
  • meditation classes and more

They have a total of 81 types of residences to choose from. You can choose from sea or garden-facing suites, manors, or double-storey penthouses. 

What sets them apart is that they are also a pet-friendly accommodation. So if you are a fur parent, consider them as an option. 

Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard 

Are you an avid shopper or always on the go? Then, you can choose one in the heart of Singapore’s prime shopping district, Orchard Road. 

One of the most popular ones in this area is Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard. They offer various amenities for all their residents, such as:

  • 20-meter swimming pool
  • spa
  • massage chairs
  • daily breakfast
  • 24-hour personal assistants

Also, this place is beside one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls, the Somerset 313.

Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road

Beach Road lies beside Kampong Glam. It is well known for Raffles Hotel and Hajjah Fatimah Mosque. 

The area offers a lot of speciality shops, cinemas, food outlets, and more. So anyone of your family member could access everything they need. 

This is your choice if you want somewhere close to the cultural scene. It is also where most business and leisure spots would be close by.

They offer suites with fully-equipped kitchenettes. They also have 24-hour housekeeping. This is a convenient feature that ensures your family’s needs are well taken care of.

Oakwood Premier AMTD

Are you considering staying in the central business district? Oakwood Premier AMTD is an excellent option. Its location is close to the city’s major entertainment and cultural communities. 

Thus, it’s an excellent place for ex-pats looking to explore the best of Singapore.

They offer 268 apartments with the followings features:

  • 24-hour fitness centre
  • outdoor infinity pool
  • resident’s lounge

Treetops Executive Residences

Are you looking for an eco-friendly apartment? Then, you may book your stay at Treetops Executive Residences. 

They encourage sustainable living. They also offer the finest amenities when it comes to eco-luxury living. 

Below are what you could look forward to:

  • lush greenery
  • courtyard waterfall
  • high-efficiency air filter systems in all units

Features of Furnished Apartments in Singapore

Most fully-furnished apartments provide short-term and long-term stays. They also offer a well-equipped kitchen. 

They also offer housekeeping services. All of that affects the quality of life.

Here, you would have the choice of your mode of rent. They can give you a flexible time of payment. That differs from a hostel and a typical home for rent that requires fixed terms from their tenants.

Hotel suites in apartment hotels are the closest analogy to a serviced apartment. This is because they provide similar flexible rates and terms.

Apartment hotels charge higher rates. They also provide far less living space than serviced apartments.

This makes serviced apartments the clear choice for a medium-length stay in Singapore.

Benefits of Staying In A Serviced Apartments

Service apartments have many benefits. This would go from having a fully-furnished kitchen to a full-on service. The best part would also be having your home-cooked meal prepared and ready!

If you are already busy with work, you will save yourself from a huge worry about who will take care of the kids. You can focus on bringing home the bacon while the home service takes care of the chores.

That is also since most of these rentals would dedicate a laundry area. That said, you can go out and look for a clean laundromat. It saves time and effort. You would also save some pennies from having to travel.

They are also more lenient with visits, so you can have friends come over for dinner and parties. Some Singapore apartments are also pet-friendly, which allows tenants’ mental and physical health.

Serviced apartments in Singapore would come in various sizes. So you can take pick which size of the room fits you. You can have single-bedroom to four-bedroom and penthouse apartments. 

Final Thoughts 

Serviced apartments are ideal for tenants seeking a place to stay at any time with a busy lifestyle. A tip for you is to check if they have extensive resident benefits and rewards. 

Also, see if they offer points for your stay and redeem them for hotel stays. This would often be presented through F&B vouchers, spa treatments, and airline miles worldwide that you can share with your family.



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