The Best Sports for Children of Different Ages: Which One to Choose?

If you have a great desire for your child to go in for sports, and you want to send him to some section, then we will help you with this. Here you will learn about the sports that are most suitable for children, as they are the least traumatic and very useful. You will also learn from what age it is best to send children to sports.

Well, if you are tired and can’t find time for yourself and your entertainment, then play casino slots online is a sport for adults right from home. Well, below we will tell you how to choose the right sport for a child!

When Should Children Start Playing Sports?

To begin with, you need to soberly assess the physical capabilities of your child, as well as how they correspond to his age. The most important thing to remember is that you should not realize your unfulfilled dreams with the help of a child. Let him choose what he likes, what is close to him.

Most sections recruit children aged 4-5 years. It is from this age that children can start training in sports such as dancing, tennis, martial arts, and others. A child can be given to the pool at all at 3 years old. But winter sports are better to start after 7 years. From the age of 9, it is better to start basketball and volleyball.

But Which Sports Will Bring Fewer Injuries?

Swimming for Children

This is not only one of the least traumatic sports but also incredibly useful. Swimming helps the child to develop coordination, endurance, muscles, and speed. Swimming perfectly develops the respiratory system. It also relaxes a person, as some parts of it act like a massage. Children of any age and build are suitable for swimming.

Dancing for Children

Another sport that is perfect for children of any age. As a rule, children are brought to the section from the age of 3, but it is possible later. Many people start dancing in their teens and even adults can start from scratch at any age.

Dancing develops grace, plasticity, endurance, a sense of rhythm, and coordination.

Golf for Kids

Scientists have proven that golf improves health and increases life expectancy, and all because it not only develops a person physically and intellectually but also because a person spends most of his time outdoors. In addition, golf trains vision and the musculoskeletal system.

But it is worth noting that this kind of sport is unlikely to appeal to children who have too much energy. This sport started at the age of 7, and it has no medical contraindications.

Table Tennis for Children

A great way to develop a child’s reaction, attention, and coordination. Also, table tennis is a great sport for children who need to put their endless energy in the right direction. They start playing table tennis at 9-10 years old (the height of the table allows), but he can already hold a racket at 6-7 years old. What is also important, the child will learn to make decisions instantly.

Wushu for Children

What distinguishes wushu from other types of martial arts is its almost non-existent injury hazard. Children are given to wushu at a fairly early age: 4-5 years old, but it is possible at 3 years old. Until the age of seven, all training playfully takes place. Children develop their physical qualities and coordination.

After seven years, serious training begins. Wushu gives children endurance, improved coordination, strength, and agility.

In addition, this sport allows the child to develop harmoniously. All loads in wushu are measured, but at the same time, they develop all muscle groups.

Chess for Children

Many people do not consider chess a sport, but if we consider that chess develops perseverance, concentration, discipline, perseverance, logical thinking (in fast chess, quick thinking), and patience, then this opinion may change.

The child is given to chess, as a rule, at 4-5 years old, but it is possible later, when he goes to school, for example, where there may be a chess club. Chess perfectly trains both hemispheres of the brain. In addition, it is very important to have non-trivial, creative thinking in them.



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