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The Kid Laroi is an up-and-coming Australian rapper and singer who has been making waves in the music industry. He recently collaborated with Justin Bieber on the hit single “Stay”, which has been topping the charts in multiple countries. In this article, we take a look at the Kid Laroi and the success of “Stay”.

The Kid Laroi

The Kid Laroi, born Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, is a 16-year-old artist from Sydney, Australia. His sound is a combination of rap and R&B, with a unique style that stands out from the crowd. His career began in 2019 when he released his debut EP, 14 With A Dream. The EP was met with critical acclaim, and since then he has been steadily rising in the music scene.

The Kid Laroi is best known for his hit single “Go”, which was released in 2020 and has since become a global sensation. The song was featured in the Netflix show Outer Banks and has been streamed millions of times. His latest single, “Stay”, is a collaboration with Justin Bieber, and it has been making waves in the music world.

Justin Bieber’s Hit Single “Stay”

“Stay” is a collaboration between The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber. The single was released in April 2021 and has already become a global success. It debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and has reached the top 10 in multiple countries.

The song is an upbeat pop-rap track that features Bieber’s signature vocals and The Kid Laroi’s smooth flow. The track is an anthem of resilience and hope, with the two artists singing about staying strong in the face of adversity. The music video for the song has also been viewed millions of times, and it has become a fan favorite.

The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber’s collaboration on “Stay” has been a massive success, and it has cemented The Kid Laroi’s place as an emerging star in the music industry. With his unique sound and undeniable talent, it’s clear that The Kid Laroi has a bright future ahead of him.

As the newest collaboration between Justin Bieber and Australia’s rising hip-hop star The Kid Laroi continues to climb the music charts, fans around the world can’t stop singing the catchy chorus of their latest single, “Stay”.

The song, released on February 26, brings together the complimentary styles of The Kid Laroi, a 15-year-old hip-hop artist from Sydney, and the global pop icon Justin Bieber. Bieber’s influence on the track is immediately evident, as the chorus of the song follows the classic pop structure of a catchy, repetitive chorus.

The verses of the song are delivered by The Kid Laroi in his signature melodic style, full of punchy delivery and clever wordplay. He speaks of the vulnerability of his mental health and encourages the listener to stay strong in the face of adversity.

The song also features Bieber’s signature falsetto on the bridge, where he sings of the importance of finding strength in relationships. The song’s chorus proclaims, “I will stay, even if the world sto-o-ops turnin’” and provides a hopeful message of resilience and dependence.

In addition to the song’s moving lyrics, the chemistry between the two artists generates an electric atmosphere that is sure to elevate any listener’s mood. With the recent announcement of Bieber’s upcoming album, fans can’t help but wonder if more collaborations are in the works.

Overall, “Stay” is a standout single that brings together two unique voices, with Bieber and The Kid Laroi providing a captivating combination of hip-hop and pop. If the song is any indication of what’s to come in the future, then fans are in for a treat.



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