Tips for Finding Reliable Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Choosing the best commercial carpet cleaners in Edmonton can be overwhelming and tedious. Commercial carpet cleaning is not the same as your usual cleaning at your house. Hence, you need someone with a high standard of excellence to do it. Here are some tips to consider when choosing reliable commercial carpet cleaners:

Weighing the cost of commercial carpet cleaning:

While price plays a major role in choosing a commercial carpet cleaning company, remember to consider the bigger picture.

Let’s say a discount carpet cleaning saves you $1500 yearly. But reduced or sub-par cleaning decreases the lifespan of your carpet by two years. Replacing will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. So, what’s the better deal?

Here are other tips that you should consider to ensure you choose a carpet cleaning company to get your job done efficiently:

Decide how much you want to be cleaned

The major task is to sit down and decide exactly what should be cleaned. This largely depends on the area or rooms you want to be cleaned and the different types of carpets in different rooms. For instance, your commercial space may have a different carpet, while your office may have a different carpet. So, considering all these things, you should begin your research.

Research online

Any professional commercial carpet cleaning will have a website. So check that out first. See if they have a social media presence and whether they respond quickly and professionally. Also, check out their online reviews.

Seek referrals

Once you have found companies online, you should ask the company if they have clients who can vouch for them and provide a reference. There are some unique ways to discover how good a job any company can do for you.

Find out the equipment they use

Though you may not be an expert carpet cleaner and know about all the cleaning tools and equipment, asking what equipment they will use for your commercial carpets is not inappropriate. Residential and commercial carpet cleaning are different, and a professional company knows the difference. While shady companies will be hesitant to answer this question, reliable companies will give you all the necessary information.

Ask for a written quote

You should ask for a detailed quote with the complete job’s price. You may get the complete quote in a written rather than a verbal quote.

Do not go for the lowest price

It may be tempting to choose the carpet cleaning company that offers you a lower price than others. But choosing them above others without considering their work quality, experience, expertise, cleaning skills and techniques is like playing blind. It is important to weigh up all the factors of the work and assess if paying a few dollars extra gives you better cleaning results.

Find out the guarantees they offer

If a carpet cleaning company is professional and legit, they will offer you a good guarantee. This ensures that if you are unhappy with their work, they will fix it.

Use these tips, and you will find the best commercial carpet cleaners.



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