Health and life play a crucial role in human life. Skincare and hair care are essential aspects of health and need equal care, like the overall body. Hair care includes nourishing hair and the scalp, preventing germs and other issues like dandruff, rough hair, split ends, etc. Dandruff is one of the common issues people face worldwide, characterized by itchy, white skin flakes on the scalp, which is embarrassing. It can lead to greasy patches and tingling skin, which further affects the growth and texture of hair. There are various ways to eliminate these flakes and nourish the scalp, where using ketomac shampoo for dandruff is one of the easiest, most affordable, and most convenient ways.

Dandruff is easy to treat and is relatively common among males and females. It can be caused due to multiple factors, including a lack of essential oils, dry skin, sensitivity to hair products, products with harsh chemicals, etc. It can affect hair growth, texture, and color, which is why people prefer using a combo of anti-dandruff and anti-hair fall. Ketomac shampoo for hair fall has all the essential oils for the scalp and can be used to eliminate problems related to dandruff. Besides these, there are many other ways to deal with dandruff, including home remedies.

There are a few tips that an individual must consider while dealing with dandruff, and they are as follows: –

  • Focus On Diet – eating food rich in zinc and magnesium is essential for nourishing hair, scalp, and hair. Using hair care products can heal the outer layers of the scalp and hair, but with proper diet and essential nutrients, the inner growth and shine will be natural and last long.
  • Avoid Dry Shampoos – notice the shampoo and other hair products being used and avoid the ones that include harmful chemicals or don’t suit the scalp. Also, one should follow a proper schedule of washing hair as oils and dead skin cells accumulate due to infrequent hair washing. As a result, one should only wash it twice or thrice a week as per the condition.
  • Exfoliate Scalp- it is an essential aspect of hair care and helps remove dry skin at the top layer. Exfoliating hair scrub on wet, shampooed hair twice a week can help nourish the scalp and keep it moist enough to prevent dandruff till the next wash. In addition, it also enhances hair texture.
  • Hot Oil Mask – in some cases, dermatologists advise using a hot oil mask to help draw oils from it and remove them. This won’t be a cure-all thing at an instant, but helpful for combatting dryness. But one should refrain from using it if dandruff is due to fungus growth, as it might enhance dandruff rather than stop it.
  • Avoid Scratching – the scalp often gets itchy and invites continuous scratching, but it should be avoided as dandruff might shed off to the skin, which can, in turn, affect the skin on other body parts.

Thus, anti-dandruff and anti-hairfall shampoos, dermatologist-approved products, and washing hair in a scheduled way is essential to get rid of dandruff and prevent it further.



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