Tips to Prepare for an ADHD Consultation

If your child’s behaviour makes you wonder if it is normal, it might be time to talk to a professional. Teachers are often the first to notice signs that a child might have ADHD.

But teachers can not treat a child having ADHD. You should talk to the doctor if you think your child might have the disease. Talk to a doctor who is an expert at diagnosing and treating ADHD and learning disabilities. You could also be sent to a psychiatrist or psychologist specialising in mental health. Several ADHD clinics in Toronto are well known for their excellent treatment.

How to Get Ready for Your Visit?

  • Observe the symptoms before talking to your doctor.
  • Make a list of everything. For instance, Problems or signs your child has at home and school. Recent changes in their lives or big, bad things that have happened to them
  • Gather your child’s most recent report cards and the results of any formal tests or assessments you have given.
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask the doctor or someone who works at a mental healthcare facility. For example, you could ask if your children need psychiatric tests and if their symptoms could be caused by something other than ADHD.
  • You can also expect the doctor or expert to ask you questions. So be prepared. For example, they can ask you:
  1. When did your child start to feel sick?
  2. Do they misbehave only in certain situations or all the time?
  3. How significant are these problems at home and school?
  4. How do your child’s acts affect you and your whole family?

What to Expect from an ADHD Evaluation?

Your doctor or specialist will need to gather information from you, the school, and your child’s medical records. This information will help rule out other possible reasons for their behaviour

The doctor or specialist should find out as much as possible about your child’s acts. They will talk to you, your child, their teachers, tutors, coaches, or other important people in your child’s life. ADHD clinics in Toronto are well known for having experienced doctors and providing the best treatment at very reasonable prices.

Also, they should ask you and your child’s teachers to fill out standard assessment forms. They may also be able to monitor your child in the classroom.

They may also suggest you consider your child’s school and classroom needs. A psychoeducational assessment is what this is called. It determines if someone has ADHD or a learning disorder like dyslexia.

A doctor or other expert may also suggest a brain scan to determine if a child has ADHD. It is called the NEBA System, and kids between 6 to 17 can use it with FDA approval. It is meant to be a part of a complete medical and psychological checkup. Many ADHD clinics in Toronto provide the best treatments at very reasonable prices.


If you think your child might have ADHD or are waiting for an appointment to start the process, ensure you have both information and mental preparation. 

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