Top 5 Dressing Room Rivalries Of Indian Cricket Players


Indian cricket is full of rivalries. In the dressing room, players often compete for space, captaincy, and for the limelight. These rivalries often spill out onto the pitch, where players are more likely to try to take down their opponents than work together as a team. This has cost India dearly in major tournaments, such as the World Cup and the Champions Trophy. Some of the rivalries ended in a short duration but some of those left a long-lasting impact on sportsmanship and on the future of Indian Cricket. Look for new update cricket to stay on top of every cricket news.

Below are 5 of the most damaging dressing room rivalries in Indian cricket history.

The Feud Between Kapil Dev and Ravi Shastri

There was always a healthy rivalry between Kapil Dev and Ravi Shastri, but it turned sour in the early 1990s. The two started arguing about who should be the captain of the team, and the feud escalated to the point where they would not speak to each other.

The conflict between the two players created a rift in the dressing room that was never healed. The team never performed as well as they could have because of the tension between the players. In 1992, Kapil Dev was finally replaced as captain by Mohammad Azharuddin. This only added fuel to the fire, and the rivalry between Kapil Dev and Ravi Shastri continued for many years.

The two players finally reconciled in 2008, when they both attended a function honouring the Indian cricket team.

The Rivalry Between Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman

The rivalry between Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman was one of the most famous feuds in Indian cricket. The two players were very different in their approach to the game. Dravid was known for his disciplined batting style, while Laxman was known for his attacking play. This led to tension between the two players, as they competed for the same spot in the batting order.

The feud reached its peak during the Test series against Australia in 2001. The two players were involved in a number of confrontations, and their relationship deteriorated to the point where they refused to speak to each other. The feud ended when Dravid retired from cricket in 2012. Laxman paid tribute to his former teammate, saying that he was one of the best batsmen he had ever played with.

The Battle Between Mohammed Azharuddin and Sachin Tendulkar

You were there at the beginning of the end, as the two most celebrated players in Indian cricket history faced off against each other. It was a battle that would define an era and one that you would never forget.

Mohammed Azharuddin was the captain of the Indian cricket team, and Sachin Tendulkar was his star player. Azharuddin felt that Tendulkar was too selfish and self-centred, while Tendulkar felt that Azharuddin was a poor captain who did not understand cricket.

The two men clashed frequently, and their rivalry often spilled over into the dressing room. The animosity between them was so strong that they would refuse to speak to each other. As a result, the team atmosphere was poisoned and the team never reached its full potential. The rivalry finally came to a head during the 1999 World Cup, when Azharuddin dropped Tendulkar from the team. This caused a huge uproar in the dressing room, and the team lost its next match against Pakistan. Tendulkar was so upset that he decided to retire from cricket. He played one more match for India, but he was not the same player. The damage had been done, and the era of Indian cricket was over.

The Rivalry Between Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar

You might remember the famous rivalry between Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar. These two iconic players were always competing with each other to be the best. Their relationship was extremely competitive, and it often led to heated arguments in the dressing room. This started when Kapil Dev was dropped from the team for the 3rd Test because of the mistakes he made in the last test match which caused India to lose the match. Suni Gavaskar was appointed as the captain but Kapil Dev was not happy with the decision, he blamed Sunil Gavaskar for dropping him from the team.

Their rivalry was a big part of what contributed to the disharmony in the Indian cricket team. As a result, the team never really reached its full potential. It’s a shame that these two great players couldn’t get along, because they could have achieved so much more if they had worked together. But in 2001, Sunil Gavaskar answered the rumours and officially ended the feud among them. Thankfully, they eventually patched things up and became good friends.

The Feud Between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli

If you are a modern cricket fan then definitely, you might remember the famous dressing room feud between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. It all started when Sharma was dropped from the team for poor performance. Kohli, who was captain at the time, allegedly said some harsh words to Sharma, which led to a rift between the two players. The situation got so bad that Sharma even considered quitting the team. However, he eventually decided to stay and fight for his place on the team.

The feud between these two players not only affected their relationship but also the team’s performance. Thankfully, the two players have since patched things up and are now back to being friends. The feud continued to play out in the media, and it was a source of great embarrassment for Indian cricket. Thankfully, the two players have since put their differences aside and are now good friends. But it’s a lesson in how not to handle conflict in the dressing room.

So, these are some of the greatest rivalries or feuds that happened between the players of the Indian Cricket Team but after a span of time, the rivalry came to an end as these kinds of acts ruined the sportsmanship among the players.

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