Types and Features of Solar Water Heaters Popular in Kenya

A solar heater is a device that converts sunlight to heat energy which is used to heat water. It works in the principle that the thermal energy from the sun heats the fluid in the solar collectors.

The heat is transferred to the water when this fluid flows through a heat exchanger inside the storage tank. After that, the non-freezing fluid returns to the collectors.

In Kenya, few homeowners can afford to heat their water. The process uses a great deal of expensive energy. As a result, several Kenyans now employ solar water heating systems to save energy costs and have a cost-effective method of heating water at home.

You can save money by using a household solar water heater, but you need to know which one to install because there are numerous types of solar water heaters.

Seven Stars solar water heater

Seven stars water heater is a pressurized heater commonly used in most homes and falls under the flat plate solar collector solar system category. Flat plate solar systems allow the sun to heat a dark flat surface to collect maximum energy transferred to water and air for future use.

It is made of porcelain enamel coating, tampered glass, and galvanized stainless steel. The system has many features, including a superior interior design, with magnesium sacrificial anodes protecting the interior. Installation is easy with an experienced equivalent residential connection.

Seven star solar water heaters

This heater is a two-hundred-liter supplier of hot water, consisting of two parts: a collector and the water tank. It is also under the flat plate solar collector. The system has excellent features, including a durable, efficient, modern design made of copper tubes and aluminum fins. The tank is also made of mild hot-dipped steel.

The seven stars solar water heater price in Kenya is affordable. The most exciting element of Sollartek is that after purchase, you are given a five-year warranty such that in case it spoils will be replaced at no charge.

Ultra-Sun Direct Vacuum System

The Ultra-sun vacuum tube is one of Kenya’s less expensive solar water heaters. It is a powerful heating device that uses vacuum-sealed glass tubes to collect solar energy. So, even during a cold season, the water in the tube is quickly heated to make it usable.

Jolly solar water heater

The pressurized three-hundred-liter Jolly solar water heater has galvanized steel to extend its lifespan. In addition to helping to keep the water warm for a long, its high-density insulation also protects it against corrosion. The product’s principal components are glass, copper, and aluminum, weighing fifty kilograms.


Choose the solar water heater system that is best for your house before you buy it. Choose one that will help you save money on your home’s energy bills and provide services for longer. Additionally, consult with some solar water heater Kenya providers to understand your choices and set a budget.

Also, it is vital to note that the price of solar water heaters varies with the quality and features of the system. A system with more features will cost more money than one with fewer features.


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