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30+ Awesome Typography Pinterest Boards for Your Inspiration

Pinterest is a rapidly growing social network which lets you save and share images you like. As the platform deals directly with images, it has quickly become a favorite place for the graphic designers. Designers can save the designs, patterns, ideas or illustrations in separate boards and review them later. As the boards could be followed, they have quickly become a source for inspiration too. Today, we have collected 33 typography boards from Pinterest which you should follow.

Being a professional designer, you already know the importance of typography in your designs. While a clever and relevant typography can strengthen the message of your work, a weak choice of typography can make the whole project a disaster too. And like other fields of graphic design, the field of typography also changes rapidly. Therefore, you always need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. We believe the following boards will make your job a bit easier and less time consuming. Now, go through the boards and let us know which ones you liked most. And if you think, we have missed an obvious one, let us know that too.

1. Typography

Design . Type and Lettering

If you are looking for inspirations, then Jennifer Chong has no shortage of that. This food lover’s board for design, type and lettering is full of unique and uncommon examples of excellent typography.

2. Sneh Roy

Sneh Roy

Sneh Roy’s typography board is full with lots of creative and attractive typography designs. You will find a number of calligraphic designs too.

3. David Brainer-Banker

David Brainer-Banker

Besides the regular collections, this Pinterest board collection also includes big and bold examples of typographies.

4. Hanae Ono

Hanae Ono

Want to see examples of awesome typography in real life? Then this is the board for you. Along with computer designs, this board also has typographic examples on various products, structures, signboards etc.

5. Daniel Nielsen

Daniel Nielsen

In this board, you will find examples of colorful typography. The abstract ideas are noteworthy too.

6. Paula Cevasco

Paula Cevasco

Featuring the latest posts of From up North, this is another excellent typographic board for your inspiration. Some of the examples have successfully blended the old design principles with latest trends.

7. Eduardo Dosuá

Eduardo Dosuá

Unlike most other boards of this list, Eduardo Dosuá’s board emphasizes on numbers too. Here, you will find lots of different types of design inspirations for the numbers.

8. Bianca Cash

Bianca Cash

It is clear that Bianca Cash is not impressed by the traditional fonts. That’s why you will find a handy collection of differently styled fonts in her board.

9. Chad Syme

Chad Syme

This board is a perfect showcase of various possibilities of typographic designs. The creative and witty presentations will catch your attention instantly.

10. Aya Refaeli

Aya Refaeli

Featuring some traditional and some not-so-ordinary designs, Aya Refaeli’s board illustrates some of the finest examples of typographies.

11. Danny Blanton

Danny Blanton

Danny Blanton’s board of typography includes typographic examples from various places. There are some pins with all the English letters too.

12. Daniel Bear Hunley

Daniel Bear Hunley

In this board, you will find lots of uncommon and innovative examples of typographies. Various geometric shapes of the images are delightful too.

13. Nomin Enkhbold

Nomin Enkhbold

What happens when typography gets combined with calligraphy? The answer lies in the pins of this board. The beautiful examples are bound to amaze you.

14. Design Quixotic

Design Quixotic

This highly popular typography board features examples from different sources and of different kinds. I am sure you will find some of the images as very striking.

15. Niki Blaker

Niki Blaker

None of the pins of this board follows traditional rules. That’s why they seem very interesting and something that will definitely please you.

16. Joel Ng

Joel Ng

Talk about specialty! This board focuses on the ampersand only. It includes every design you can possibly think of and then adds some more.

17. Web Design Library

Web Design Library

Featuring awesome examples of typographies from around the internet, this is a board which you should refer to whenever you are in short supply of inspiration.

18. Connie Wise

Connie Wise

This excellent board lists some of the best free fonts available online. If you are looking for unique, uncommon fonts, then you should check out the collection.

19. Ruslan Mashkov

Ruslan Mashkov

This is another very diverse collection of typographies. The collection includes some simple but very attractive designs too.

20. Paul Duncan

Paul Duncan

Paul Duncan’s typography board includes examples of the recent industry trends. The bold and large designs are also very noticeable.

21. Jeanee Dirty Laundry

Jeanee Dirty Laundry

Jeanee’s board includes both typography designs and objects from real life. For instance, the big bus sign or the macarons look especially nice.

22. Andrew ‘Oyl’ Miller

Andrew 'Oyl' Miller

There are some big-sized examples of typographies in Andrew’s board. And then, there are the clever, delicious looking illustrations of alphabets.

23. Valerie Jar

Valerie Jar

Like some other boards of this list, Valerie Jar also has a fascination for big and bold fonts. That is evident in her typography board.

24. Solvita M

Solvita M

Solvita M is a real typography geek, when it comes to it. She has more than 10 boards of various types, letters and relevant designs. We had to choose one, but you should check the others too.

25. Niceparty


Typography meets context and proper backgrounds in this board. The meaningful designs will keep you thinking about its ‘other’ meaning.

26. Las Teje y Maneje

Las Teje y Maneje

What do you get when you mix large, bold characters with vivid color and a creative mind? Well, you get Las Teje y Maneje’s typography board, obviously.

27. Ana Reinert

Ana Reinert

And now it’s time for Ana Reinert’s typography board, which has a proper combination of large and small characters, along with relevant context.

28. Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews’s board consists of individual designs along with collection of designs. At this time, the board features a very interesting list of 30+ hand lettering designs.

29. Karlos Benítez Estévez

Karlos Benítez Estévez

Focusing only on logos, this board reveals how exciting typography can become in the small spaces too. There are some really striking ones like the AQUA or the Skulls & Sons.

30. Angie Durrant Batis

Angie Durrant Batis

Besides the regular lists and collection pins, 30. Angie’s board also houses some interesting examples of typography applied in real life.

31. SmallBlackRoom


With a large number of followers, this is one of the popular typography boards in Pinterest. A quick look at the collection will justify the huge popularity.

32. Courtney Blair

Courtney Blair

Another very popular typography board. This one includes examples from both the print and virtual world.

33. Yan Ucci

Yan Ucci

34. Jennifer Chong

Jennifer Chong

This collection does not include any traditional fonts. Rather, you will find a nice collection of artistic and visually striking fonts gathered from various places. You can check tumblr style themes to get similar pinboard style look.

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