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33 Examples of Bokeh Photography with Tips & Tutorials

Bokeh Photography is quite comprehensive and famous form of photography field mostly applied to create some attractive and unusual visual effects in photos. The said technique of the Bokeh photography is to produce some blur in the out-of-focus parts of an image. This method has been majorly applied by using blur effects in the out-of-focus lights present in the background of the any image taken by fast lens with fast apertures of anywhere between f/2, f/1.8 or f/1.4 . However, this blur looks extremely adorable when created specifically with the lights at night. To create some warmth in the images to create love and happiness inspiration, this technique is widely used by the photographers at larger as well as smaller scale. Today, I am here with some great examples of Bokeh effects photos for Bokeh lovers and fans that will help them in their career as well as to those who want to know about how to create some Bokeh images. Check out each image that holds the complete story in it to be unveiled.


As mentioned above, to create some loving and happier inspiration in images, the Bokeh Photography technique is mostly used and thus it is best suitable for love theme specifically. In following photos, the background lights are used as the major theme to create some stunning expressions. These lights are demonstrating the steam coming out of the cup of hot tea/coffee as a steam of love and in second image as a steam of hope. In first image, the lights have been given a heart shape by producing some blur visual effects.

Interesting Facts

Pronounced: Boh-Kay

Meaning: Blur or haze (comes from Japanese word “boke”)

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Beginner Tutorials

An effective tutorial on how to take beautiful bokeh shots.

  • Stay Close to the Subject.
  • Far Away from the Background.
  • Use a wide open Aperture.
  • Shoot small Light sources.

Impressive Bokeh Shots

1. Love Steam
bokeh photography1

2. New York City Bokeh

New York City Bookeh

3. Bokeh

bokeh photography

In this photo, the out-of-focus lights are being used as the sparkles come out of the flower. See how simple yet alluring this image looks when given a Bokeh effect. In rose photo, the dew drops are being blurred to produce Bokeh photo. In a photo ‘flower buds’ the branch is present near glass window and the out-of-focus rain drops present outside of window are blurred to create Bokeh effects. In golden bokeh photo, the background lights are blurred for making this photo attractive.

4. Sparkling Daisy

bokeh photography

5. She blooms

bokeh photography13

6. Nature’s Bookeh

Nature's Bookeh

7. Rose

bokeh photography

8. Flower Buds

bokeh photography
9. Golden Bokeh
bokeh photography

The lights at night, either in single or multi-colors, look amazing if captured. Additionally, by giving an image a Bokeh effects by using the out-of-focus lights always create something unusual and pleasant. Have a look on following images.

10. Cup of coffee
bokeh photography
11. Holiday Comfort
bokeh photography16

Starts hold special inspirations for each individual. Some take it as a symbol of love; some assume it an icon of hope while others consider it as a sign of prosperity and success. To produce such inspirational photos, if bokeh effects are used by creating starts of out-of-focus lights, dew drops, and other stuff can make your photos the most stunning among all the others. Believe me and give it a try.

12. Bokeh Star
bokeh photography
13. Bokeh Stars
bokeh photography
14. Stars in the Background
bokeh photography

Either we focus on the out-of-focus water/rain drops present inside or outside of a glass window or alternatively if we focus on the out-of-focus lights present inside or outside of the glass window, we can create the bokeh effects such as the following photos.

15. Wet Bokeh
bokeh photography
16. Night Bus
Night Bus

Look at the following image and see how out-of-focus lights can can make the Christmas tree or things you wanted them to be.

17. Christmas Tree
bokeh photography
18. Christmas Lights
bokeh photography

Wildlife photographers if want to create some bokeh effects images, then they should check out the following examples of such photos.

19. Spider Bokeh
bokeh photography
20. Rêve de Pap
bokeh photography
21. Butterfly
bokeh photography

The out-of-focus lights as well as the water drops present on the glass floor or on beer bottles can be blurred to give bokeh effects to your images. See how the photographer has created the following stunning photos by using this technique.

22. 40 Days and 40 Nights
bokeh photography
23. Beer and summer nightBeer and summer night
bokeh photography

Check out this tweet  as well as the heart bokeh effect photo that has been created by blurring the background lights as a theme. You can create some other social and emotional signs and symbols as well if you use this method. So why do not you give it a try?

24. Tweet Bokeh
bokeh photography
25. Colorful heart bokeh
bokeh photography

As I mentioned many times, lights always look brilliant when we capture them. The following bokeh effect images truly mark my claim.

26. Lights
bokeh photography

Taking dew drops as the out-of-focus things and blur them to create bokeh effects in photos always help photographers to create mind blowing images for their portfolio.

27. Dew
bokeh photography
28. Morning Dew
bokeh photography
29. Dandelion
bokeh photography
30. Brazen Bokeh
bokeh photography

This is an image in which some existing while some artificial lights has been used to create bokeh effects. It seems like lights are coming out of the camera that demonstrates the passion and interests of a photographer for his/her field.

31. Good old D90 dropping bokeh
bokeh photography

This is personal photo in which the out-of-focus lights are being blurred to give image a bokeh expression. You would surely love to have some bokeh photos in your album like this one.

32. Bokeh Potrait
bokeh photography

The welding sparks can be used for bokeh photos; do you want to know how? Check out the following photo.

33. Bokeh maker
bokeh photography

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