VanceAI Creativity Series Review: Better Use of Photo Editing

Photo editing is a sphere or an area that is constantly pushing itself forward, either with new types of techniques, new tools, or something else. Creative photo editing is a step forward in photo editing that is more involved with transforming images and making them look much different than their original form. Creative photo editing tools are not as many in number as the basic editing tools but they tend to be complicated to use. The reason behind is that changing images in a creative sense is pretty complicated and demands expertise. That’s why many users tend to shy away from things such as old photo restoration, black and white photo colorization, and more. However, with VanceAI.com, it is possible to approach creative photo editing and get results that may help you in your goals for business, marketing, etc.

There are other platforms similar to VanceAI that make creative photo editing easier but VanceAI offers additional features and designs that push it ahead. Not to mention that the VanceAI team is always looking for new additions to the platform that increase accessibility and efficiency. For example, their recent addition of VanceAI JA has now made it possible to use VanceAI in Japanese by using that link. With the VanceAI Creativity series, you can expect to use tools like photo restorers, photo quality enhancers, and more. The platform acts like a system or a desktop software that offers multiple tools in an efficient way.


  1. VanceAI makes sure to consistently upgrade its accessibility for users. Besides the VanceAI JA feature, the platform has also gone on to introduce an API model of the app as well as VanceAI PC, which brings the online application to Windows desktop.
  2. The online platform only costs $4.95 per month to get a Pro subscription. There are higher paid plans as well though the highlight is that they’re affordable.
  3. VanceAI implements advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms in its tools that are good enough to provide good results.


  1. VanceAI can increase its compatibility to more image file formats. Currently, it supports JPG, PNG, and JPEG only.
  2. The software version of VanceAI can also increase the number of photo editing tools it provides. Compared to the online platform, the software offers less tools.

What is VanceAI?

VanceAI is a relatively recent photo editing and enhancement application. Since the launch of 2020, the photo editing platform has already developed and launched more than 10 tools along with other major features. It divides all of its tools into two series, which are Productivity and Creativity series. The former has 12 tools whereas the latter has 6. Almost all of the tools on VanceAI are powered by AI and Machine Learning technologies, making the platform accessible to most users. As an application, VanceAI does put more focus on accessibility and making sure that photo editing is not just limited to the experts. This surely reflects in their UI and app design.

As the platform grows further, you can expect to see even more tools and features to make the experience better. With the Creativity series, you can easily transform images and use them for various objectives, such as social media, company blogs, art pages or profiles, and even portraits.

VanceAI Creativity Series Tools Discussed with Example Images

We will now go through the tools found in the Creativity series looking at their features and performance.

1. Give Old Photos New Life with VanceAI Photo Restorer

Old photo restoration can become a complex task quickly, especially if the user is not experienced with photo editing. Fortunately, VanceAI Photo Restorer is a tool that can reduce or even remove damage marks from an image automatically without any user input required. When you’re in the Workspace, you can also activate an additional option that enables the colorization of the old image. So while the tool is automatic in terms of processing the image, you still get key options that allow you to change the way the image will look like. While the photo restorer algorithm isn’t perfect and does miss a few spots, you can use other VanceAI tools to improve the quality of the image anyway. The new Workspace design allows you to choose your preferences easily and manage everything else efficiently.

From the result, it is safe to say that AI restore old photos effectively when it comes to reducing the damage marks from an image though it doesn’t remove all the damage marks completely. At the same time, it is important to note that automatic old photo restoration tools outside of VanceAI also have issues when it comes to creating a 100% clean image. One of the best additions to this tool can be a brush tool that lets users edit the image further after processing, similar to BGremover.

2. VanceAI Photo Colorizer Adds Colors to Black and White Photos

You can rely on VanceAI Photo Colorizer to implement good looking colors on black and white photos. You can also use this tool for adding colors to old family photos. The photo restorer and photo colorization tools share the same Workspace and in order to access the photo colorization tool, you just need to click on the Colorize option to the right. You can set the rendering factor to max to get the most intensive colors. This tool is highly useful for giving images a different look. With this tool, it is possible to convert many different kinds of black and white images into colored ones and use them online. Given that it is an automatic AI based tool, it does not take much time to deliver the results.

The result is definitely a good one, as the colors implemented there do not come across as over the top or off. The colors definitely match the image well and the overall aesthetic of the image is maintained as well. If there could be any improvement, it would be for the background since it appears a bit too dark and rushed.

3. Make Awesome Line Drawings from Portraits with VansPortrait

Creative photo editing would be incomplete without actual art being created. With VansPortrait, you can simply upload an image of yourself, be it a selfie, headshot, or portrait, and have it converted into a line drawing. Not to mention that this is all done within a few seconds only. Many creative users like to experiment with their images or other photos in general for which this tool is one of the best to use. By using this tool, you can create drawings of yourself and set them up as your profile pictures and more. You can also upscale these images later on to use them on other platforms or websites.

The tool provides a well traced drawing of the image which is also faithful to the original in terms of accuracy to a good extent. With more detailed images, you will also receive more detailed drawings as the AI algorithm here is good enough to keep track of things. This tool is best when converting just the face.

4. Give Your Photos a Makeover with Toongineer Cartoonizer

Toonginer Cartoonizer takes the whole graphic art makeover to a different direction than VansPortrait. The previous tool was mostly about getting an accurate tracing based line drawing of the image that you uploaded. Also, the image was expected to be close to a headshot and the tool didn’t take into consideration the background of the image. You could make colored sketches, however. With this tool, you can basically apply an artistic filter over the entire image. You can also just stick to the head portion of the image and have it colored fully. Again, similar to the previous tool, you can use the results that you get from here to use as profile pictures and more. You can also find a lot of inspiration for art if you’re a designer or artist yourself. Regardless, Toongineer Cartoonizer is an enjoyable tool to use. photeeq photeeq

The tool manages to give the After image a different look in just a matter of seconds. The After image not only has an artistic angle to it but it also looks like something you could use in anime or cartoon. The tool gives the image really good colors and the details on there look really sharp. The finer details of the face are drawn with precision and with confidence.

5. Make Fine Adjustments in Quality with VanceAI Photo Retoucher

VanceAI Photo Retoucher is a simple enough tool to understand. When using it, you can basically alter the quality of an image through lighting or color. Once you have uploaded the image on the Workspace, you can choose any one of the options to improve the quality of the photo. The Color option will obviously focus on making the colors look better while the Brightness option aims for adjusting the lighting and similar aspects. Similar to other tools, the AI based technology helps it in processing and improving images within a few seconds only.

While the original image looks stylish, it also looks a bit too bright. By choosing the Brightness option, the tool tones down the brightness to a balanced level and makes the image look more professional. Due to this, the other aspects of the image look much better as well, especially the car and the reflections on it. The background looks more attractive as well. You can process this same image with the Color option and get different looking results.

6. AI Art Generator Makes Interesting Art from just Text

VanceAI Art Generator from VanceAI is the latest tool developed and launched by the platform. This incredible tool can generate complicated and interesting art through the text that you provide in the Workspace. This is also the only VanceAI tool to take up 5 image credits for each art created. Therefore, it is best to have a subscription to use this tool. However, it is definitely worth it. Once you get to the Workspace, you will notice quite a few settings that you can try out for customizing the final image. You can choose Image Type, Image Style, Artist Style, and many other options. Hover or interact with them to get further info about the options. The first three options are the best and most essential as they dictate things such as your image looking like an oil painting, similar to the art of Van Gogh, a concept art, etc.

This tool surely takes some time to provide the results as this task is more complicated than the others. However, it pays off to give the tool more details through text as it can come up with some really great art, just like the one shown above.

VanceAI Pricing

You can create an account on VanceAI pretty quickly by linking it to your Google account. Either way, creating an account there is free and fetches you 3 image credits per month for free. You can use this to try out VanceAI first that allows you to use more high-end editing tools.

If you want to go ahead with a paid subscription, the starting plan costs a mere $4.95 per month that gets you exclusive features and 100 image credits. Other than that, VanceAI offers 200, 500, and 1000 image credit plans as well. Their costs are $6.95, $11.45, and $17.95 per month respectively. All paid plans offer exclusive features such as batch processing, faster servers, and more.

VanceAI Alternatives

VanceAI offers alternatives that are absolutely free to use but do not offer the VanceAI design nor the exclusive features. Consider them the lite versions of their VanceAI counterparts. For old photo restoration, you can use photorestoration.ai and get the job done. When it comes to photo colorization, you can use colourise.com instead. Besides these tools, VanceAI also offers a free to use, website based PDF processing tool that you can use by clicking on VancePDF.com.

Final Verdict

VanceAI Creativity series makes itself a lucrative choice for most types of users because of the accessibility offered by VanceAI as a platform. Not just that, you can also expect great performance at a very low cost. The series or the platform are not without faults, naturally. The old photo restoration tool, for example, can definitely do better in removing damage marks or add some manual editing options for the user like in BGremover. However, when considering everything, the series has more than enough to appeal to most users and make them want to use the tools for a long time.



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