What Headlight Bulbs Work Best for a 2014 Subaru Outback?

Day or night, visibility is vital to safely drive your Subaru Outback. Proper lighting is critical to that visibility, so choosing the best headlight bulb for your vehicle is key. Not all bulbs are made alike: Evaluating each one’s specs and performance can help as you shop for bulbs. In this brief guide, you’ll learn about some high-quality 2014 Subaru Outback headlight bulb options.

XtraVision Headlight and Fog Light Bulb 9005XV-2

The amount and quality of light output are essential when choosing a headlight bulb. The Sylvania XtraVision 9005XV-2 delivers on both counts, thanks to its unique design. Engineered for long life, the XtraVision incorporates a durable and powerful filament construction and pairs it with Sylvania’s proprietary gas mixture. This results in a steady beam that projects farther down the road than Sylvania’s basic bulbs and many other compatible headlight bulb models.

Why Light Temperature Matters

Humans perceive light in different colors thanks to their wavelengths. When an object is lit, it absorbs some color wavelengths and reflects others. Our brains interpret what we’re seeing, perceiving the light wavelengths reflected by an object as its color. A yellow light is reflecting yellow wavelengths: Similarly, a blue-white light reflects some blue wavelengths and absorbs the rest.

When we evaluate light qualities, we also measure its hue in terms of temperature. Warmer light appears more yellow, while cooler light looks bluer. We use degrees Kelvin to express that warmth or coolness. Cool daylight is crisper and improves nighttime visibility, which is why it’s now preferred for automobile headlights. The XtraVision blub puts out 1,700 lumens with a light temperature of 6,000 Kelvin.

SilverStar Ultra Headlight and Fog Light Bulb H7SU-2

Distance and clarity matter when it comes to headlight performance. For those who do a lot of nighttime driving, the SilverStar Ultra headlight bulb is an excellent option. This bulb integrates Sylvania’s signature design used in the XtraVision and improves it with a more durable coil and filament. It also pairs the filament and gas mixture with a patented tri-band blue coating to boost clarity, distance and projection.

Downroad Lighting and Road Safety

Stopping distances makes a significant difference in road safety, especially when visibility is impaired. The average driver takes from 5.4 to 6.4 seconds to bring a vehicle to a full stop. The actual stopping distance results from several factors, including the vehicle’s speed and prevailing road conditions. The sooner you can see an obstacle, the quicker you can stop to avoid it.

Out of Sylvania’s current line of headlight bulbs, the SilverStar Ultra delivers the most downroad illumination. It also increases sideroad illumination while projecting a crisp, clear beam of light. These qualities boost visibility so you can steer clear of hazards like downed tree branches or a deer crossing the road.

Better Bulbs, Better Visibility

Both the XtraVision and the SilverStar Ultra headlight bulbs provide illumination in low-lighting conditions. With their size, shape and design, they’re compatible with most modern vehicles. They’re perfect choices for a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe headlight bulb, but be sure to check your vehicle’s specs and fit as you shop.

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