What Is So Special About An Emerald?

Emeralds are a rare gem in the world. They are the only gemstone that is considered precious. Because of its rare green color and unique rarity, the precious emerald has long been sought after. Emeralds can be classified in the gem family of beryllium. These crystals are made from beryllium silicate and are colored by traces of different elements. Emeralds have traces of chromium that give them their captivating green color. Emeralds stand out because they contain a lot of chromium when the gemstone is formed.

The Rare Emerald

Many things need to be right for emeralds formation deep in mountains. The forces of geology have to combine rare elements like beryllium and chromium under high temperatures and pressure. After that, a slow cooling procedure creates the large crystals we all know and love. Colombia is extremely blessed with unusual geology that allowed them to form. Emeralds have been mined for hundreds of years by people skilled in extracting these rare minerals. Emeralds with this quality can be rare. However, unlike precious diamonds or precious gemstones, slight flaws in the color or form will not reduce the stone’s worth.

These imperfections, however, are not necessarily negative. These stones stand out because they have a high level of brilliance. Combining this brilliance or “sparkle” with an attractive and vivid green color will result in a remarkable price.

The Perfect Green Color

An emerald’s unique green color is specific to that stone. It can also vary from emerald-emerald. Too dark and the stones won’t shine in wear, and too light and they lose their identity as emeralds. While some gem miners may insist on extremely saturated “grass-green”, highly valuable gemstones may be too dark for you. You might also prefer lighter-colored stones or stones with a more bluish color. Above all, your emerald should be attractive!

While they may not be as hard as diamonds, emeralds last a lifetime. Due to dirt, sand, and other environmental influences, jewelry can become scratched over time. Cartagena’s long-lasting emerald jewelry is resistant to abrasion thanks to its hardness.

Antique Emerald Jewelry Can Make It Feel like A Queen

Emerald is the stone of kings and the most vivid green precious gem in history. This stunning color and the myths associated with it have elevated Antique emerald jewelry to a special place in the eyes and hearts of the entire world.

Emerald Vintage Jewelry Is Timeless Gems

Emerald is one rarest and most loved gemstones. Its beauty, rarity, and special qualities make it one of the most treasured.

The natural emeralds that we see today were formed thousands of millions of years ago. It is a very rare gem.

Only the best quality emeralds are clear and flawless. Most have small fractures or mineral inclusions. Due to their rarity, perfect emeralds may be more valuable than diamonds of similar quality.

The Mystical Realm of Emerald Vintage Jewellery

Emerald is shrouded under eternal mysteries. This unusual gemstone has been surrounded by legends and myths and has been associated with special mystical properties as well as positive effects on your body, both mentally and physically.

Emerald vintage jewelry can be worn to impress people around you. It will also make you stand out from the crowd with its beauty.



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