Why an affordable eco-friendly prefab home is a perfect solution for a newly wedded couple

You and your loved one have just got married. The wedding was an incredible event as friends and family joined in the festivities after a simple service. Returning from your honeymoon it is time to look for somewhere to live for the foreseeable future.

Your man works hard, but purchasing a home has never been more expensive, and they are quite frankly out of your financial range. You are desperate to get out of the small rented apartment where you have had lots of fun, but want something more. This is where looking at architectural prefab homes and cabins could be the perfect solution.

  • You both care deeply about the environment so an eco-friendly home is perfect for you, allowing you to create a strong connection with nature. Some are transportable, allowing you to enjoy living away from a city, but still having modern amenities such as waste disposal systems and water access. Included, is the convenience of being able to up sticks from your space, should you prefer an alternative location.
  • An architectural prefab home represents superb value for money, which allows you to own your own home. They arrive insulated, which will also see a large decrease in energy bills, and have the provision to include solar panelling to further lower costs. Once in the home you may wish to consider the most comfortable chairs to watch TV
  • The carbon footprint is dramatically lower along with wastage when you decide to go eco-friendly as they are built from sustainable materials with waste reduction playing a large part in the design.
  • The homes from the leading companies in this field are built to last and come with a 10 year builders warranty, being made from the finest New Zealand pine and aluminium framed double glazed windows. Perhaps using the walking and bicycle routes around Auckland will also suit you.
  • There is less on-site waste as the homes are produced in a controlled facility with prefab construction emitting little waste. They come in a range of sizes, with many facilities to suit your particular needs.
  • Your home will be ready in far quicker time compared to one that is built from scratch on site, meaning that the period between your free half hour consultation and moving into your new abode is minimal.

Purchasing an eco-friendly architectural prefab home is affordable, modern and assists the environment while offering the option of relocating it.



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