Why do I need a Zanzibar tour guide, can’t I enjoy the island on my own?” Here’s why!

Whenever you are planning a trip, you might imagine you can get all the information you need on your own. Given how many online resources and traveling books are out there, this is not a fully wrong impression. However, no matter how thoroughly you do your research there will always be something you miss. And it might actually be something good!


For example, if you are traveling to Zanzibar, you can enjoy the island on your own. The place is gorgeous and it will leave a good impression on you even if you spend the entire time lying on the beach. However, a Zanzibar tour guide has the ability to upgrade your experience and to show you things you could never discover on your own!


This is because professional guides have not only done their “homework” well, but they have years of practical experience and know what makes a great holiday for any tourist. Let’s say you go for a tour of Stone Town. You may read about the city and know some fun facts. But a Zanzibar tour guide can show you the coolest places in town, tell you some local secrets that you don’t find online, and even personalize your experience according to your interests and preferences.


This goes for any tour, trip, or activity you will have here. One of the most popular experiences in Zanzibar is the Safari Blue Trip. By contacting a travel agency, such as Zanzibar Tour Guide, you will get to enjoy the full experience without having to worry about organizational details.


You start your day at the break of dawn, swim with dolphins, explore wonderful beaches and end the trip on a boat. Here you will feast on amazing food, including fresh seafood and tropical fruits, as well as local snacks and beverages.


And the next day you can start over with a new, wonderful activity! For example, you can visit both Nakupenda beach and Prison Island. In order to reach these locations you will need a boat that will be provided to you by Zanzibar Tour Guide. Moreover, there is only a limited amount of time when you can see Nakupenda beach given the fact that the island disappears during high tide.


A local guide is aware of all these aspects and will plan the best trip for you. Moreover, you will be traveling in air-conditioned cars, driven by professionals, or in boats where you can trust the boatman. You will always have shadow provided by tents brought by the guides and delicious food for whenever you need a snack.


Is there something else you want to try? Maybe you are looking forward to cooking with locals or discovering the condiments they use in making their delicious meals. Or maybe you are interested in fishing or discovering more species of animals and fish in the area. No matter what your heart desires, you can be sure a Zanzibar tour guide will take care of your time there, making sure you have the best experiences in one of the most beautiful places in the world!



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