Why get a marriage Certificate? Why is it Important?

An official declaration that two people have become husband and wife is made on the marriage certificate. Marriages in India may be registered under the Special Marriage Act of 1954 or the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955. A marriage certificate is valid evidence that a couple is married for both kinds of unions. Consequently, getting a marriage certificate after getting married might offer a number of advantages.

The bride must be older than 18 and the groom must be older than 21 in order to receive a marriage certificate.

Similarly, for Jewish couples who have a ketubah as part of their wedding ceremony, the ketubah is an important legal document that serves as a marriage contract. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of the bride and groom, including financial obligations and terms for divorce. In addition to being a meaningful part of the wedding ceremony, the ketubah is also a valuable document to have for legal and practical purposes. It’s important to make sure that the ketubah is properly signed and witnessed according to Jewish law, so that it can be recognized as a legally binding document if needed.

Why Get a Marriage Certificate?

When applying for a passport or opening a bank account after being married with a new surname, the marriage certificate is a must. Moreover, a lot of embassies ask for a copy of the marriage certificate while processing visas or travelling abroad. As a result, many couples find that a marriage licence is required before they may relocate abroad.

What paperwork is needed in India to register a marriage?

Documents Needed for Online Marriage Registration

  • Voter ID, ration card, passport, or driver’s licence are acceptable forms of address proof.
  • Evidence of the husband and wife’s DOBs.
  • Two Photo Booth the size of a passport.
  • Separate marriage affidavits from the husband and wife in the required format
  • An invitation to a wedding.
  • The Aadhaar card.

How simple the online marriage registration procedure is?

You should register your marriage online if you’re considering getting married and want the procedure to be as simple as feasible. The online marriage registration process is quick and simple, and the registration price is significantly less than what you would pay for an officiant. Additionally, you will have far more control over the ceremony and who may attend. You will also have access to a lot more details about your marriage.

Following are some possible aspects of marriage.

Marriage is an accepted social institution everywhere. It can be found practically everywhere and in every stage of growth.

  • The union of a husband and wife creates an enduring tie. It is made with social, psychological, biological, and religious objectives in mind.
  • Marriage is a unique partnership based on reciprocal rights and obligations between two people of opposing sexes. A lasting relationship.
  • Social acceptance is needed for marriage. Relationships between men and women must be accepted by society. This is a requirement for lawful marriage.
  • Marriage creates a family unit. The family contributes by offering resources for childbirth and childrearing.


If a person attended the wedding, has appropriate documentation of their date of birth, i.e Birth Certificate and can demonstrate their domicile, they are eligible to serve as witnesses in the registration process. Two witnesses from each side (a total of four) must be present at the meeting at the sub-office Registrar because they must sign the paperwork.



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