Why Seed Pencils Are Trending Nowadays?

Pencil, one of the most readily available writing tools, has been an essential part of life since childhood. Pencils are considered to be the foundational building block of writing in school. Pencils are globally present in school supply lists made from trees with graphite led inside. But now, there are different types of pencils available in the market, which include led click pencils, seed pencils, plastic pencils, and other such pencils made from recycled material, which contributes to sustainable living. Every one of us needs pencils, whether an artist, writer, student, professor, painter, or individual of any profession. But the process of manufacturing pencils has impacted nature, where trees are cut down, using graphite in wood, and then discarding the unused pencils are unhealthy for the environment.

Plantable pencils are another type of pencil that is available in the market. They are environmentally friendly as the old wooden pencils can now turn back into plants. The idea behind producing these pencils was to make people understand where products come from and what happens when they are no longer used. The reason was to make people use real pencils and then plant them in their home gardens and have a new life to nurture. The seed pencils contain seeds at the end, which can be sown once the entire pencil is used. People can easily plant them in pot soils and water them daily, which might result in the blooming of beautiful marigolds, roses, rosemary, and many more.

There are many benefits of using seed pencils, and some of them are as follows: –

  • Environmental Friendly – consuming platable pencils for everyday writing can benefit the environment as one can upgrade a pencil after entirely using it. Hence, it has a second life as a plant. It will be like giving back to mother nature for the precious gifts she offers to the human race.
  • Adds Beauty – the colorful seed pencils attract children and sometimes even adults passionate about stationery products. They also add beauty to the surroundings by changing into blooming flowers after being used and planted in the soil. The small innovation idea made a significant and positive impact on the environment.
  • Enhances Thoughtfulness – the idea behind producing these unique seeds and plantable pencils was to strengthen the thoughtfulness of people toward nature. It aimed to make people think about the source of the product and make them realize the efforts behind making the simple writing tool, which plants an idea of doing a tiny bit on their part to thank mother nature for her precious gifts for easy survival.
  • Readily Available – these pencils are readily available in every corner of the globe. The companies even have online platforms where people can choose from a wide range of seed and plantable pencils. Various seeds, colors, and sizes are available from multiple products, and people can select and place an order at their convenience.


Thus, one can contribute his bit by using an environmentally friendly product which is an essential part of sustainable living. These pencils are available on Amala Earth website. Visit and choose your favorite among all. You can also use these attractive and eco-friendly pencils for gifting to children on the eve of Christmas. Happy Writing!



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