Why Should You Have Personalized Addiction Treatment?

You sneeze. You cough. Your nose is running. Ok, you probably don’t need a doctor to tell you that you have a cold. A cold is a cold—hasn’t changed since the beginning of time. But what if it’s more than a cold? Or what if you have unknown symptoms (and pains) in your heart, or have blood in your urine? Although a cold can be treated in a ‘cookie-cutter’ like manner, where treatment is the same for almost everyone, the latter example requires a unique set of questions, tests, and examinations. This is what treating addiction is all about. 

If you treat the addiction as though all addicts and their addictions are the same, you will never get the results you need and desire. An examination that is tailored to meet the particular requirements of your circumstance is going to be of much greater benefit to your health.

To be sure, the general treatments for addictions (at least in the western world) are somewhat similar to one another, but no two addictions are the same. They are tailored to each individual patient according to the nature and extent of their addiction. There are a variety of treatments available, and many of them have the potential to work similarly well for a variety of addictions. Certain substances may be associated with observable patterns of behavior.

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However, if you use a specialized piece of software, you will have the opportunity to go well beyond a “cookie-cutter” response. You will investigate the causes of your suffering and gain an understanding of the full extent to which substances (or alcohol) have influenced your life. You will have the opportunity to investigate seemingly unrelated mental health problems, as well as how those problems might impact your overall health. It is an undeniable fact that treating all patients, or addictions, in general, in the same manner is not only ineffective, but it is also a waste of both time and money. 

Before you can treat any kind of illness, you need to have a thorough understanding of the patient, including their medical history, their baseline, and any allergies they may have. You can only speculate as to what will work or, more importantly, if it is working in the absence of any information regarding what they consider to be “normal.”

When you have made the decision to get help for your addiction, the first thing you should do is make an appointment with a professional to discuss the possibility of developing an individualized treatment strategy. They will want to know the particulars of your history, and then they will use that information to begin formulating the most effective combination of treatments for you based on the specific care needs that you have.

Individualized care will be emphasized, as will, of course, the compassion that is so richly deserved by you. A program that is tailored to your specific needs will accomplish this. Get started as soon as you can with your individualized treatment plan. You deserve it.



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