Wieviel Alkohol Muss Man Trinken Um 2 Promille Zu Haben

Alcohol consumption can have serious health consequences, but it is still widely enjoyed. To stay safe, it is important to understand how alcohol affects the body and how much must be consumed to reach a certain blood alcohol concentration (BAC). This article will discuss how to calculate the amount of alcohol needed to reach 2 promille BAC.

Estimating Blood Alcohol Concentration

BAC is the amount of alcohol present in the bloodstream, as a percentage of the total blood volume. It is the most accurate measure of how much alcohol is in the body and is used to determine when a person is legally intoxicated. BAC can be determined by a breath test, blood test, or urine test.

The amount of alcohol needed to reach a certain BAC varies from person to person. It is affected by weight, gender, alcohol tolerance, and the amount of food consumed. Generally, the more a person weighs, the more alcohol they need to reach a certain BAC.

Calculating Alcohol Intake for 2 Promille

To reach a BAC of 2 promille, a person needs to consume a certain amount of alcohol. To calculate this, one must first determine their weight in kilograms. For example, if a person weighs 70 kilograms, they must consume:

  • 70 kilograms x 0.15 grams/kilogram = 10.5 grams of alcohol

This means that the person must consume 10.5 grams of pure alcohol to reach a BAC of 2 promille. To put this into perspective, a typical beer contains 12-14 grams of alcohol, while a shot of whiskey contains 7-8 grams of alcohol.

Understanding how alcohol affects the body is important for staying safe. To reach a BAC of 2 promille, a person must consume a certain amount of alcohol, which varies depending on their weight, gender, alcohol tolerance, and the amount of food consumed. Knowing how much alcohol to consume can help ensure that a person does not consume too much and put their health in danger.

Consuming alcohol can be fun and enjoyable when in moderation, however it is important to be aware of how much alcohol one has had and its effect on the body. In this article, we will be discussing the amount of alcohol someone must drink in order to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 2.0 Promille.

Having a BAC of 2.0 Promille means that the body has a significantly higher concentration of alcohol, which can have dangerous consequences. This can include impaired judgment, slowed reaction time, slowed breathing and heart rate, as well as an increased risk of certain diseases. It is therefore essential to know the amount of alcohol one must consume in order to reach this level.

To reach a BAC of 2.0 Promille, the body needs an extremely large amount of alcohol. This would likely require drinking an excessive amount of standard alcoholic drinks, such as beer, wine and spirits. It is important to note that everyone’s body will react differently to alcohol, meaning these calculations may vary based on individual factors such as weight, gender, and how quickly or slowly the alcohol is consumed.

As a general guideline, for an average adult weighing between 80-90 kg, drinking heavily for a period of 2-3 hours would need to consume approximately 16 alcoholic drinks in order to reach 2.0 Promille. For a person between 65-75 kg, they would need to drink 13-14 drinks. For someone under 65kg, they would need to consume 11-12 alcoholic drinks.

It is worth remembering that realistically achieving such a high blood alcohol content would have serious consequences, and it is never recommended. It is important to drink responsibly, stay safe and consider the health risks associated with excessive drinking.



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