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40 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins

Monetizing website with advertisements is very important and every blogger does it once he starts getting steady traffic. Using popular ads units like text based ones or graphical is to be planned depending on the content of the website. Managing ads without plugins is very hard for many that is why so many ad management plugins are available for WordPress. When it comes to placement of ads in positions other than standard recommendations we may have to do it by editing the code. Some plugins will even give you the options to use shortcode in pages and call the ads where you find it suitable. Adsense code is long so managing it using shortcodes is always the best option. This way we can alter the Adsense code without going to every post or page its been added to.

WordPress Plugins we are introducing here are ad management plugins as well as notification plugins which are pretty handy. One of the plugins introduced here named foobar is a notification plugin which shows notification on the top of the website. You can use it to point out important things to your visitors and even add text based ads or social networks. Combining notification plugins and ad management plugins is essential for complete success of the advertising program you are registered to. Please don’t add to many ads as the CTR and CPM will be reduced and ads will be un-relevant to your website. Three ads per page is the maximum recommended by many and minimum being one.

If you are using different monetizing methods like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, buy sell ads etc then choosing ad rotater will be very useful for your business. WordPress Advertising Plugins provided here will let you manage and place your ads easily. Make sure to pick the most suited one for you. Envato Affiliate Cash is one popular plugin used by many websites as it automatically provides referral to envato websites if there are any of envato websites mentioned on your pages. See, choosing the one which suits you the best is always essential. Also find WordPress Subscription and Newsletter Plugins to improve your revenue.

This list will be updated by me when i get introduced to new plugins in the WordPress market so make sure to revisit us. Now then, grab the favorite ones from this list and let us know which one was it you found useful.

WordPress Simple Ads Widget Tool

With lots of useful features, WordPress Simple Ads Widget Tool is one of the easiest ways to show advertisements in your WordPress website. As it is AJAX-supported, it doesn’t need any page refresh to show the ad clicks and other reports.

Demo | Download

Wordpress Simple Ads Widget Tool

Geo Ads Switcher Plugin: Geo Targeted Ads

Along with filtering HTML, JavaScript, banners and advertisements according to the country of the visitor, Geo Ads Switcher Plugin is provided with a preset for 10 most popular countries. However, you can target any country in the world.

Demo | Download


nBar – Advanced WordPress Multipurpose Bar Builder

This premium multi-purpose plugin is capable of creating unlimited number of bars in the header and footer area of your WordPress website. The bars could be used as notification, advertisement, information or notice sections.

Demo | Download

nBar - Advanced WordPress Multipurpose Bar Builder - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

WordPress Advert Flap Pro

Being one of the few animated advert plugin for WordPress, Advert Flap Pro provides a very easy way to display adverts or show messages in your website. This plugin is also useful for displaying important notices, special offers, discounts, new products etc.

Demo | Download

Advert Flap Pro - WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

WordPress Monetize Now

Developing a website with Envato Affiliate Program has made simple by WordPress Monetize Now plugin. Showing any set of products from Envato is very easy with this plugin. It comes with a powerful shortcode generator too.

Demo | Download

WordPress Monetize Now - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Eye Catcher – Pro WordPress Notification Bars

If you want to catch the attention of your visitors instantly, then you should definitely consider EyeCatcher Notification Bars as one of your top choices. With more than 30 different easing effects, this plugin could be used with any background image.

Demo | Download

Eye Catcher - WP Header/Footer Notification/Ad Bar - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


With AdRotate, you can schedule your adverts. As the plugin allows unlimited number of schedules, you can create as many schedules as you want. The beautiful graphical statistics will show detailed information about your earning situation.



BugMeBar – A simple little notification plugin

Did you see the websites which add a disposable message on top of their pages? Now you can do that with the BugMeBar plugin. It is possible to use cookie to remember the bar’s current condition.

Demo | Download

BugMeBar - A simple little notification plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

CTR Enhancer for WordPress

Tested with several referral programs including Adsense and Envato referral program, CTR Enhancer WP is a very useful plugin for displaying advertisements in your WordPress website. It comes with interesting options including mask color, vertical offset, top bar customization etc.

Demo | Download

CTR Enhancer for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

kk Easy Ads

Thanks to kk Easy Ads, processing advertisement has now become automatic. Infinite campaigns, multiple revenue types, PayPal support are some of the strongest features of this plugin.

Video Preview | Download

kk Easy Ads - Managing Advertisements Easily - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Text – Banner Exchange with WPLinkTrade

This link and banner exchanger plugin will allow you to exchange image or text links with other websites easily. The simple administration panel makes editing, accepting or deleting submissions very straightforward.

Video Preview | Download

WPLinkTrade - Text & Banner Exchange for WP - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Premium Prestitial Ads

The developers of Premium Prestitial Ads claim that they have used a secret formula used by CPA marketers to make their fortunes. The powerful plugin creates a new way of advertisement in websites.

Demo | Download

Premium Prestitial Ads - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


AutoPupo is an automatic advertisement post generator plugin for WordPress. This plugin could be used to post ad posts after a certain number of posts are published. The ad posts could be customized by using the default post editor.

Demo | Download

AutoPupo - Automatic Ads Post Generator Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

60 Second Ad Manager

This premium plugin could be your virtual assistant in managing the advertisements of your website. This simple, powerful plugins promises to set up the ads in less than 60 seconds, that’s a powerful promise.

Demo | Download

60 Second Ad Manager - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

WP-AdPunch – The Ultimate Ads Plugin

WP-AdPunch provides unique ways of creating new advertisement spaces in your website. It comes with 8 custom-made modules ready to use instantly. It also allows you to show social icons of your choice.

Demo | Download

WP-AdPunch - The Ultimate Ads Plugin

Wp Announcements plugin – Flaunt It

Displaying schedules announcements, advertisements or notices is the sole purpose of Flaunt It. This interesting plugin could be used to display notices between specific dates, on certain days or on a specific time of the day.

Demo | Download

Flaunt It - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Notification Bar Plugin

This plugin could be used to place a nice notification bar in your WordPress website. The extended messages could be easily controlled from the WordPress backend. The notification bar is completely responsive too.

Demo | Download

Notification Bar Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

WordPress Data Fetcher

WordPress Data Fetcher is capable of fetching and displaying different items in your website from all the Envato marketplaces. You can choose from the three different ways to display the items.

Demo | Download

Wordpress Data Fetcher - WP Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Banners Rotator Generator

Banners Rotator Generator is a very helpful plugin for building banner rotators for your WordPress website. Using and integrating the plugin with your website is very easy too.

Demo | Download

Banners Rotator Generator For WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


Displaying an advertisement with Banneram is as simple as writing the message, choosing a start date and selecting a color. It’s that easy. The installation package comes with detailed instructions about using the plugin.

Demo | Download

Bannerama - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

AdFly Rotater For WordPress

AdFly Rotater For WordPress will allow you to transform your ordinary WordPress blog to a money making machine. You can use the plugin to set up AdF.ly ads and receive money for every view.

Demo | Download


Useful Banner Manager Premium

Useful Banner Manager is a very powerful and professional advertisement management plugin. By using this plugin, you will be able to manage your banners easily. It also has banner rotation facility.

Demo | Download

Useful Banner Manager Premium - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Banner Manager Pro

Managing and selling banner spots in your WordPress website will become very easy when you use a professional plugin like Banner Manager Pro. This awesome plugin supports different types of banners and accepts most of the popular payment gateways.

Demo | Download

Banner Manager Pro - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

WordPress Link Monetizer (WPLM)

Did you know that it is possible to monetize every link of your WordPress website? You can do that by using WPLM. You can redirect the visitors to advertising pages, or use adf.ly service. You can precisely select the type of links to select.

Demo | Download


Envato Affiliate Cash for WordPress

If you have an established website with tons of links to Envato products and want to replace the links with your referral links, this plugin can do the job for you. It will convert the links on the comments too!

Demo | Download

Envato Affiliate Cash for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Simple String

This plugin will display linked ad strings on your website. Potential advertisers can buy strings from you directly. It accepts payments through ayPal, AlertPay, Payza and InterKassa. Using the plugin is very easy too.

Demo | Download


Interstitial Ads for WordPress

This very powerful plugin will allow you to display interstitial ads on your website. By doing this, you can convert the visitors of your website to money making machines. It comes with an optional close / skip button.

Demo | Download

Interstitial Ads for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

AdPress – WordPress Ad Manager

Being a premium solution for managing advertisements, AdPress is a fully featured WordPress plugin. It allows you to sell ads by clicks, duration or page views. Features like ad rotation and analytics chart have made it even stronger.

Demo | Download

AdPress - WordPress Ad Manager - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Foobar – WordPress Notification Bars

Looking for a great notification bar plugin? Look no further, Foobar can do the job very well. With unlimited number of bars, customizable banners, Twitter and RSS feed integration and conditional logic, this plugin is one of the best in its category.

Demo | Download

Foobar - WordPress Notification Bars - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

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    Hi Allie. Thanks for all the info. Can you please advise if there is a Word Press ad manager plugin that is also in responsive design so the ads adjust on different devices? I’m looking for a plugin that can handle ads via AdSense but also to include my own ads eg. that my industry contacts might want to display on my site. Wanting to have ads in banner, sidebar column, blog posts and pages ideally.

  3. Jessica Bright

    Is there a wp ad manager plugin which is geo compatible bcoz such plugin im looking for my web site Bright Verge. Adrotate gives the ability to target ads via cities and countries. Any one which can target counties and states? Appreciate a reply.

    • Doug

      Alllie…Have you found a plugin that does Banner management all over a site that can be paid for and uploaded by users and can be Geo located by Zip code?? Or cities and states??

      • Tony Franco

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  4. Daniel Keith

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  6. Mike

    Thanks for this enormous list. I used AdRotate for a long time until I discovered Advanced Ads (http://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-ads/) which offers very useful options, e.g. for responsive ads.

  7. Michael

    Hi Allie,

    Very long list with lots of plugins which are new to me. I want to add another one: Advanced Ads. I think, this ís the most powerful solution for ads on WP systems: http://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-ads

  8. Muhammad Bilal

    Hi Allie,
    great finding list of wordpress plugins for advertising, did you guys ever try Advanced Floating Content from http://codecanyon.net/item/advanced-floating-content/9945856?ref=CodeTides. I truly recommend this plugin. You will fall in love with plugin after using.

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