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30+ WordPress Newsletter and Email Subscription Plugins

We often see sites with subscription widgets either on sidebar or when we open a webpage or browse through interior pages of the website. Subscription is an option in getting the user emails who visit your site once for some purpose and with powerful newsletters make them revisit your website or buy a service you are selling. The revisited users will be actually looking for any service offering you have emailed him with. Integrating subscription plugins in websites by calling Subscribe to email letters, subscribe to newsletters for new trends and updates is usually good way of making users subscribe to one. Eye catchy designs will speed up subscription rate in a blog or forum as most of the time users are unaware of any options the website must be having.

Forging a proper newsletter is also crucial once you have successfully implemented and gained potential customers. Either ways some of these below plugins will give you a head start compared to the competitors in the field. Another thing i’ve come across is webmasters sometimes get too greedy to get subscribers and make the subscription service totally annoying to the end users. Subscription popups are good if they have a close button and only appear once as long as we have the cookie on our browser. Some websites get too far implementing these and end up showing popup on every page and on every click. This may be one way ticket to lose visitors and they wont be revisiting the page or think on subscribing.

People don’t subscribe to a blog on their first visit and you don’t actually have to force them into it. If your website is useful in anyway visitors will surely subscribe, so don’t rush the process. In design sites which provide freebies its now common to see subscribe and download plugins as they send freebie to the user by email rather than providing direct download. We also have articles on WordPress Advertising Plugins to manage Ads which you should check.

We are already checking for other plugins we can come across to post it here for you. This list will be updated on new find and releases. Now, take a look at these 35+ WordPress Subscription Plugins which might suit your website to gain potential customers.

Free Newsletter Plugin

Get unlimited subscribers with better email tracking features for absolutely free. Integrating this free newsletter plugin through widgets, forms can let you gather a large list of email subscribers on your blog or any website.



Free MailPoet Newsletters

A newsletter creation plugin for free form WordPress repository for those who like to send hand crafted newsletters to your email subscribers. Easy management of subscribers, auto responder mails can be delivered to anyone without any cost. Combine this functional wordpress plugin with your subscription plugin and this will do the rest.


newsletter plugin

AB – Subscribe WordPress Plugin

A basic Ajax driven WordPress plugin that is used to make users subscribe to mailing list.


AB Simple Subscribe WordPress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

 Subscribe by Email Plugin

Your site followers can subscribe to your website,post updates with this plugin.


Subscribe by Email Plugin for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Subscribe Check Box

A subscribe check box implementation ‘before the comment box’ can catch in your users attention.


Subscribe Check Box - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


The final stage of product or signup with check box for additional newsletter update promotion.


eShop2Mailchimp - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


A WordPress plugin that lets you create custom designed newsletter templates.


easyLetters - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


Affiliates2Mailchimp will synchronize MailChip with itthinx’s Affiliates plugin. It will create new subscriptions for new affiliates. And when you update or delete an affiliate, the plugin will make the necessary changes to the necessary sections automatically.


Affiliates2Mailchimp - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Unlimited Newsletter

Unlimited Newsletter is one of the best available solutions for sending batch emails to your subscribers. As it uses Mandrill, you can rest assured that your emails will be delivered to the subscriber’s inbox directly. Integrated pre-designed templates will help you in creating attractive newsletters.


Unlimited Newsletter - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

WordPress Newsletter and Campaign

This easy to use newsletter plugin will allow you to create campaigns, import or export subscriber’s list and send newsletters in HTM format. Features like email confirmation and security images will block spams immediately.


Wordpress Newsletter and Campaign - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Groups Newsletters

Delivering targeted information to your subscribers is very easy with Groups Newsletters. With this plugin, you can combine several stories into one newsletter. It is also possible to send multiple newsletters by using campaigns.


Groups Newsletters - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Email Newsletter System – WordPress Plugin

Instead of messing around in the settings or spending hours in the setting up process, Email Newsletter System allows you to send emails to your users as quickly as possible. Aloha HTML Editor, powerful shortcodes, multiple templates are some of the main attraction of this plugin.


Email Newsletter System - WordPress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

NewsPlus WP NewsLetter Plugin

This awesome newsletter and mail subscription plugin will help you in keeping your subscribers busy with updated information. With a feature-rich options panel, this plugin also has 3 built-in newsletter templates.


NewsPlus WP NewsLetter Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Royal Footer Bar

This clean, flexible plugin is very helpful for converting your regular website to a traffic generation machine. It allows you to create unlimited number of social footer bar, ad footer bar and opt-in footer bars.


Royal Footer Bar - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

 GoodNews! – newsletter and autoresponder manager

The purpose of GoodNews! is simple – collect leads, make them paying clients and expand your business with them. The plugin will help you to do so by sending out regular newsletter and using automatic campaigns.


GoodNews! - newsletter and autoresponder manager - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Groups Mailchimp Integration

By using Groups Mailchimp Integration, you can specify a list and select a group and then, users will be automatically added to that group. Once you synchronize, all users and groups will be automatically created in Mailchimp.


Groups2Mailchimp - Groups Mailchimp Integration - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

VP Newsletter

This simple newsletter system could be used to send latest updates and information about your products or services to the subscribers. The list of subscribers are saved in a separate database table, therefore there will be no conflict with the WordPress tables.


VP Newsletter - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Easy WordPress Mailchimp Integration Pro

This excellent plugin will allow your visitors to subscribe to multiple lists while they are registering to your website. Therefore, the users won’t have to go through the subscription process once they get registered.


Easy WordPress Mailchimp Integration Pro - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Ad Plus List Building Popup

Ad Plus List Building Popup is a very flexible and clean newsletter plugin for WordPress. By using this, you can easily convert your visitors to targeted subscribers. The fully responsive plugin automatically adapts to the screen size of the visitors.


Ad Plus List Building Popup - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Email To First Blog Commentator

If you ever wanted to send an automatic email to the new commenters of your site, then this plugin is the one you are looking for. It will send a custom email to the visitors who are commenting for the first time in your website.


Email To First Blog Commentator - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Mail Chimp Traffic Pop for WordPress

Want to convert your website traffic to new subscribers? Mail Chimp Traffic Pop can do the job for you. The mobile and retina ready plugin works in all major browsers. Integrating Mailchimp is as simple as providing the API key and selecting a list.


Mail Chimp Traffic Pop for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Subscriber Content Lock for WordPress

The name tells it all. This plugin requires the visitors to subscribe to your website in order to view the contents. Along with email verification, the plugin also comes with a strong list manager.


Subscriber Content Lock for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

MyMail – Email Newsletter Plugin

This simple newsletter subscription plugin could be one of your top choices for creating, sending and then tracking newsletters. Along with scheduling your newsletters, you can use one of the six pre-defined auto responders too.


MyMail - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

WP Plugin Locker

This plugin will help you protecting your other plugins with an optin form along with building your subscriber list. This plugin supports all the popular auto responder services. As it comes with a WYSIWYG editor, you can easily customize your content.


WP Plugin Locker - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Subscribe to Unlock Content

A great way to increase your subscriber list would be to restrict your contents to subscribed visitors only. Subscribe to Unlock Content will let you do that exactly. It comes with two locker modes – regular and soft.


Subscribe to Unlock Content - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

All-in-One Subscribe Popup

All-in-One Subscribe Popup is an excellent plugin for adding a highly customized subscription box in your WordPress website. The popup could be triggered at seven different events including page load, external link click, context menu and scroll down.


All-in-One Subscribe Popup - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Subscribe & Download

Distributing files through your website could be done by using the Subscribe & Download plugin. Visitors will have to provide their details in order to download the contents. The saved data could be sent to Aweber, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, iContact and lots of other third-party services.


Subscribe & Download - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Subscribe Popup

By using this plugin, you can add a popup opt-in form in your WordPress website. The popup window will collect the name and email address of the visitor and save into the database. The saved data could be exported as CSV file and used in any other services.


Subscribe Popup - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

MailChimp Comments

This plugin can be used to add all the commenters of your website into your subscribers list. Whenever anyone comments in any of the posts or pages of your website, he will be automatically added to the subscribers list.


MailChimp Comments - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Simple Mail Chimp Signup Forms

Simple Mail Chimp Signup Forms will provide you with different ways of adding email subscription forms in your website. When a visitor fills out the form and submits the data, he will be added to your subscriber list.


Simple Mail Chimp Signup Forms - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Simple Campaign Monitor Signup Forms

This simple but effective plugin will provide you with different ways of adding subscription forms in your WordPress website. You can use shortcode, the dedicated widget or the template tags for creating subscription forms.


Simple Campaign Monitor Signup Forms - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Subscriber Traffic Pop for WordPress

Subscriber Traffic Pop for WordPress is a very useful plugin for converting your existing visitor base to potential customers. The build-in subscription manage provides a hassle-free way of managing your subscriber list.


Subscriber Traffic Pop for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Newsletter Mailer WordPress Widget

Unlike all the other plugins included in this list, the plugin is for creating newsletter widgets. This plugin works in conjunction with Newsletter Mailer versions later than 1.33. The combination is a perfect solution for building up your subscriber list.


Newsletter Mailer WordPress Widget - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Newsletter Tycoon

This plugin will send the latest blog posts to the subscribers. It is possible to set the newsletters to be sent on weekly, monthly or at any other time-interval you want. You can customize the newsletter template too.


Newsletter Tycoon - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

BigTie! for WordPress

This plugin is one of the simplest solutions of connecting your WordPress website with MadMimi. Along with importing existing customers, it also adds the newly registered users and the commenters. It comes with detailed instructions for setting it up properly.


BigTie! for WordPress & MadMimi - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

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