4 Steps To Create An Animated Video For Ecommerce business

In case your business tries to stand out from the competition, then creating an animated video for your eCommerce business is a great way to do it. An animated video can help you showcase your products or services in a unique and engaging way while also providing customers with valuable information about what you have to offer. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with four steps that will help you create an effective animated video for your eCommerce business. 

Four steps to creating an Ecommerce animated video

Step 1: Develop A Storyline  

The first step in creating an animated video is developing a storyline. What do you want the video to be about? Do you want it to focus on introducing a new product or service? Or do you want it to be more educational, teaching viewers about how something works? Once you decide what type of story you want the video to tell, then start thinking about how the story should unfold. Write down some ideas for key scenes in the video and come up with a script that will guide its overall narrative structure. In this matter, you may consider using  AI Detector to check that your content sounds robotic and hasn’t been written by AI.

Step 2: Design Visuals 

The next step is designing visuals for your animation. This includes deciding what characters should look like and how they should move, as well as designing any backgrounds or other elements that need to be included in the animation. You can decide from different styles when designing visuals for your animation, such as hand-drawn illustrations, 3D models, motion graphics, etc.  Also, choose the perfect social media graphics and other visuals that will support your design efforts. It’s important to make sure that whatever style you choose fits with the overall theme of your business that is relevant to your target audience.  

Step 3: Record Audio 

Once the visuals are designed, then it’s time to record audio for the animation. This includes both dialogue (if necessary) and background music/sound effects (if desired). Make sure that all dialogue is recorded clearly so that viewers can understand what’s being said without straining their ears too much. You may also want to include sound effects if certain actions need to be emphasized or if certain scenes require additional atmosphere/emotion.      

Step 4: Produce Animation 

eCommerce videos can be a great way to market business products and services, and animation is a fun and engaging way to produce eCommerce video content. From a simple ink drawing style to complex 3D computer graphics, there are numerous animation techniques that eCommerce businesses can take advantage of. It all starts with establishing the right production team. Animation experts must be brought on board who understand how to bring ideas to life with subtle movement, sound effects, and text overlays. And after finishing producing your video, build B2B email marketing and include in your email your video.

Once the animation team is in place, it’s important to create a storyboard that will help bring the eCommerce video idea together piece by piece. With compelling visuals and creative transitions, eCommerce businesses can use animation to reach audiences in an exciting way!


Creating an animated video for your eCommerce business can be a great way to stand out from the competition by showcasing products or services in an engaging manner while also providing valuable information about what you have on offer. By following these four steps—developing a storyline; designing visuals; recording audio; producing animation—you should be able to create an effective animated video that will help attract more customers!



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