Effects Spousal Support Might Have on Your Divorce Settlement in Tacoma

Spousal support is determined by the judge based on several variables, including marital status, income, and length of the marriage. Your post-divorce financial condition may be greatly impacted by spousal support. So, if you’re going through a divorce in Tacoma, Washington state, you should understand the fundamentals of spousal support. You can read more about it in divorce court records. 

The Washington statute outlines some of the variables the court may take into account when deciding on spousal support and gives the court the authority to grant maintenance in any amount and for any length of time that it deems just.

Deciding factors for spousal support:

You must make a case for why you need maintenance if you ask for spousal support. The demands of the spouse requesting assistance are weighed against the other party’s ability to make payments by the court. Spousal support decisions may be influenced by a person’s wealth, income, and earning potential.

If your marriage lasted less than five years and you are divorcing, there may be one-time payments to assist the less wealthy spouse in adjusting to their new wage level. On the other side, divorces following lengthy marriages may lead to sizeable spousal support that lasts for a long time. 

Other factors that are taken into consideration are the age of the party requesting maintenance, state of health, emotional stability, and financial obligations, as well as the party’s ability to pay and the standard of living they created while they were married.

Impact of spousal support:

Spousal support can help divorcés look for new housing and pursue job prospects. For those who prioritised family responsibilities during their marriage, payments can be beneficial. If you were a stay-at-home parent, for instance, you could ask for spousal support to support you as you rejoin the workforce and work toward financial independence. 

Adults who can work are typically expected by courts to look for work after a divorce, and spousal support is usually only temporary. Additionally, when deciding on spousal support, courts take asset division and child support responsibilities into account.

Final thoughts: 

Divorce causes a lot of changes, including adjustments to your finances and way of life. Have an experienced lawyer on your side whether you are seeking maintenance or contesting it. An attorney will be able to assess your situation and assist you in presenting your case to the court in a way that maximises your chances of winning.



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