Understanding the Differences Between Malta Pr and Malta Rp: Eligibility Criteria and Benefits

Recently, the possibility of acquiring documents through investments, confirming the legal status in Malta, has been gaining popularity. There are several options to get the coveted permit and achieve the desired results.

How to get a Malta Residence Permit, or permission to reside permanently in the central Mediterranean Sea with the help of assets, will tell you a professional in this field of Immigrant Invest Zlata Erlach.

Eligibility Criteria for Malta PR

This new project attracts potential participants and those who wish to be in Malta and obtain the appropriate legal document. To take part – there are several areas where you should invest the required amount:

  • real estate purchase;
  • contribution to government agencies;
  • charitable contributions to a foundation or organization.

The above items are mandatory for the program’s positive results. Acquisition of special residency status in the country can be realized within four months to six months. However, the speed of obtaining documents for Malta PR may vary depending on the money invested.

As for the purchase of real estate, the price tag must be at least 350 thousand euros. If the owner of the assets wishes to rent a residential property, the cost must be 12 thousand euros per month. Accommodation in the purchased or rented housing is not mandatory.

However, do not forget that there are mandatory legal fees: 98,000 euros for renting the property and 68,000 euros for the purchased property.

We emphasize to everyone who wants to get Malta Permanent Residence by investing money that the client can invite their family: partners, minor children, and grandparents provided that the investor partially or completely provides for them.

Eligibility Criteria for Malta Residence Permit

This option is suitable for applicants who do not have an EU passport through a minimum investment of money with the condition of renewing the permit every year. It is an excellent opportunity for those who want to try to live and do business in a tourist destination like Malta. This program operates on the same basis as the Permanent Residence in Malta. The opportunity to enjoy life on the territory of another state and pay taxes on special conditions is getting the cherished document with the help of investment. Over the past ten years, the program has changed and supplemented various criteria. However, the main requirements for the implementation of the intended goals of the applicant should be noted:

  • annual payment of taxes;
  • purchase or lease of immovable property;
  • one-time payment of a state-level fee.

Each of these criteria has a condition, which is a minimum or fixed amount. The state duty must be paid by the investor in the amount of 6 thousand euros as an opportunity to acquire a special and legal tax status.

Comparison of investment requirements

For customers who have set a goal to buy or rent a dwelling, the specialists of the previously mentioned company recommend choosing one of several ways:

  • purchase and sale of residential property for 275,000 euros;
  • rent of the premises with a monthly payment of 9,600 euros.

The contract of rent or purchase of the premises must be owned by the person who makes an investment. If this condition is not met, the legal documents for Malta residency will be invalid.

The depositor undertakes to pay 15,000 euros yearly in taxes, not counting all existing fees. The process of approval and receipt of the cherished document takes four months.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Malta Permanent Residence

The main advantage of this project is the opportunity to enjoy life and conduct legal activities in the country without additional and hidden fees in accordance with the law. Moreover, the applicant can travel to the most unusual countries for three months and live in a comfortable climate and high standard of living.

However, it is worth noting that the program has high requirements regarding the investment of finances. For example, cash resources must be at least half a million euros.

Benefits and disadvantages of Malta Residence Permit

No specific financial minimum or maximum exists for applicants wishing to obtain legal status. However, the Malta RP does require supporting documents that show the availability of resources. With these, the investor can support themself. In addition, one can also add to the advantages of the chance to vacation in the most unusual places on the planet for three months.

As for the disadvantages, the list here is longer than in the above program. The program participant is obliged not to stay more than six months in another country during the current calendar year. Also, you must reapply every year to be eligible to stay in Malta.


To summarize the above information on obtaining official permits to stay in the Maltese country, the only difference is the investment amount and duration. The specialists of Immigrant Invest will inform anyone who wants to invest an impressive amount and enjoy the Mediterranean air and, comfortable climate, the best service. Contact only professionals to get excellent results.



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