Zooming InstaDP On Your Mobile

While Instagram offers a number of fun features to experiment and share moments with, one thing that we are restricted from is viewing Instagram profile pictures in full zoom. We all would agree we have tapped on that circle hundreds of times in order to get the image in its original size, but our efforts were futile. This is due to the Instagram restrictions on viewing profile pictures in full zoom due to security reasons. But now you can overcome this restriction and get a zoomed version of any Instagram DP. Here are a few ways to zoom in on any Instagram profile picture on different devices.

  • Zooming in Insta DP on android: To zoom in InstaDP on android devices you need to download an Instagram profile picture zooming tool. These are third-party profile picture zooming tools that help enlarge any Instagram profile picture easily. One of the best Instagram profile picture zooming tools is InstaDP. Using these tools is easy. Third-party apps use AI driven API technology to produce a zoomed in view of any Instagram profile picture. here’s how you can use these tools;

Step 1: Download and launch any Instagram profile picture zooming tool from play store onto your android device.

Step 2: On this tool you can see a field that asks for the username of the profile URL of the person. Simply enter the username of the person in this field.

Step 3: On pressing enter an enlarged image of the Instagram profile picture will be created.

Step 4:  You can also download this profile picture by simply tapping the download button on the picture. this saves the image in its enlarged HD form to your gallery/ device.

  • Zooming in Insta DP on iPhone: iPhone as well now supports certain apps and features only. If you have an iOS device, here are 2 easy ways for you to zoom in on any Instagram profile picture.
  • Use accessibility feature:

Step 1:  to zoom in on Instagram profile pictures, go to the settings option of your iOS.

Step 2: tap on the accessibility option.

Step 3: Now tap on “zoom” and push the slider button to on. This helps you zoom your screen easily.

Step 4: now simply double tap with three fingers on the profile picture on Instagram app to zoom in into the profile picture.

  • Get a third-party app: One of the easiest and best ways to zoom in on any Instagram profile picture is using a third-party app to do so. Now not all apps are supported on iOS devices hence you can use apps that are available to use on iOS, one such app is Insta DP. This app helps you get a closer look at any Instagram profile picture even on Mac. To use this app simply download the app using the app store. Now launch the app and enter the username of the person on this app. tap enter and the profile picture will be displayed in an enlarged size. Tap on the download button to save this Instagram profile picture to your device.


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